Design Process.

1 – Request for Design

Be specific in your goal, and carefully consider a budget you have in mind for this project. We don not design without a budget, nor do we "Bid" our work.

Request Design Consult

2 – Initial Consultation

Upon receipt of consultation request we will respond via email to set up a consultation. Appointments are typically held during regular business hours. This can take place at our office or at your home, and is free.

3 –Review & Consult

During our meeting we will review site conditions, scope of desired results, and review of proposed budget. Often times, we will offer a fresh ideas that you had not considered in order to be more aligned with your budget.

4 – Authorize Design

At this point our time is no longer free. We require a signed design agreement and deposit to proceed into creation of design.

5 – Design Review

Review of scaled conceptual drawing will be conducted typically on site. Depending on backlog, this can be several weeks after initial consult. Discussion of materials, construction methods, and crude budget will take place. Revisions will be discussed if necessary.

6 – Final Acceptance

After revisions are made, final construction drawings will be presented. A sound itemized construction budget will be presented with timelines for completion.


  1. Completion of Design Process
  2. Review Construction Contract, Payment Schedule, and Construction Schedule
  3. Final Selection of Materials:
    • Meet at supply centers and review products and confirm final selection of colors, textures, and effects.
  4. Meet the Team: This is a very important step in the construction process. We want to you to know everyone working on your property!
  5. Construction at long last!
  6. Final review of completed scope.


When it comes to maintaining our investment, the team at Stonewood and Waters is here to assist you. We offer a full range of services designed specifically around your individual needs.